Join us fellow Makers!

Fees: $25 prepaid per Market. Email form to reserve a spot. Vendor fees do not rollover and are non-refundable. Cancellations: Vendors must give 48 hour notification if unable to attend market to allow us enough time to fill the vacancy

Set-up: Set-up begins at 9:30am. Space is first come, first serve and we reserve the right to allocate you upstairs/ downstairs etc. based on turnout, power/ programming requirements.

Loading/Unloading: In loading dock to right of entrance. Please be courteous of other Vendors. Must be cleared by 10:30 for Food Truck.

WIFI: Available 

Dimensions: 6 foot table space allocation, tables not provided. You are allowed to merchandise as you like within this space. 

Merchandise: Please send picture example of item. We curate this event, and would like local, handmade/homemade items. No direct sales. franchise/ mass produced! Food items MUST adhere to MA Food Laws.

Presentation: Please present your items in a simple and organized manner. Please have a table covering.

Conduct: Soliciting is not allowed! No smoking or vendors under 18.

Money: Sellers must bring their own cash to make change for sales, and accept credit cards.

Liability: Envidem, East Boston Open Market and The Eddy are not liable for any loss, theft, or damage of goods or property, nor are we liable for personal injury.

*We reserve the right to change fees, terms and conditions but promise to give everyone a heads up first

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